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A Bit of Background

How We Got Started

KaiZen Rodentry was originally founded in April 2019 as KaiZen Mousery. I have always had a fascination for genetics, and with an understanding based on hands on learning, I thought mice would be the best way to learn more about how genetics worked and expressed. I waited 5 long years before I could start breeding mice, and almost 8yrs for rats, and it was worth the wait. I did a lot of research in between that time to insure I would be ready when I got started. While I'm fascinated by the ins and outs of how the science works, I, of course, believe in the health and happiness of all my animals first and foremost, and my ultimate goal is to learn all I can about genetics while following a strict responsible and ethical breeding regime.

Why KaiZen?

I named the rodentry after a Japanese business motto, "KaiZen", in short meaning: "Continuous Improvement". I believe, even when I feel I've reached the first step of my goals, there will always be room for improvement somewhere. That is the motivation that drives me to continue to do better for my lines, even after I think I've achieved my initial goals: I will just make an even grander goal to pursue!

Who I Am

While I do not have any professional roots in genetics and sciences, my fascination is founded on a working experience I had over 10yrs ago. I had an amazing opportunity to work with a family, for roughly 5yrs, who was blessed with a child with a multitude of genetic mutations. His dad was a science major and loved biology and taught me a lot about his sons condition. This truly was the blossoming of my love for genetics and I sought to learn about all sorts of animals genetic makeup. I started, initially, with dogs, then dabbled a little in fish before I finally settled and found my passion in mice and rats.

   My life outside of the rodentry consists of a very hectic and busy work schedule as a "GM In Training" for a very high volume restaurant. I work a lot of overtime, and often do not have much time outside of work and my normal daily interactions and caretaking with my animals. I do still enjoy some photography, gaming, and hiking in the mountains when I do have a little bit of spare time to do so.

Rat Goals & Standards

Standard Goals

I personally do not breed for any particular show standards. I breed primarily for happy and friendly rats, which may take away from important show standard type, like large round ears or the perfect shaped head. While I do lean on trying to select for these things as best I can, the temperament and health of my rats is always first and foremost. I do have a selection process I try and keep balanced, however, in hopes to improve in all areas someday.

Health Goals

About: About

Health is of utmost importance in my rodentry. I only want to produce rats who live long healthy lives, with minimal concern of potential genetic issues that could pop up later down the line. I want rats who can live with their owners for as long as possible (Current goal to beat is 3yo). I want owners who do not have to worry about racking up vet bills or having to say goodbye too soon because of a nasty cancerous tumor. The lines I have inherited have a very clean 20yr tracked bill of health, for the most part. Anything that pops up will always be bred away from and tracked. Please do not hesitate to contact me at *ANY* point in your rats life if anything happens, however.

We are a lab tested rodentry. We are RBF/Hanta/SDAV free! I am happy to disclose test results to adopters upon request and am more than willing to help understand and answer any questions regarding results.

Last Tested: Late Summer of '21
Next Test: Summer '22

Temperament Goals


As a rodentry founded on "pocket puppy" like temperaments, it is a very close to first priority here at KaiZen. I strive to select for potato like and biddable tempearments in all my lines, above all else. I personally love to just chill with my rats, watch a show, share some snacks. I eventually want to work on trick training with my rats. Therefore, I prefer to select for rats who seem motivated by my presence and are completely complacent and chill with being handled in anyway necessary.

Color Goals

Color has no real scale of importance with my rats, outside of project goals. I will completely override a preferred color if my temperament standards do not line up with any particular rat. I have wants and goals, eventually, for various projects and colors available in them, but my strive for dog like temperament and superb health will always come first, no matter what.

Mouse Goals & Standards

Standard Goals

I breed for FMBA type and temperament standards in my show type mice. My pet types are a work in progress to eventually be bred to the same standard as my show mice.

Health Goals

About: About

I strive to keep health at the top of my list with my mice. I want to produce show ready animals who look and perform great well into their older ages. I do my best to select away from any QOL health factors, or ones that could even reduce lifespan.

We are a lab tested rodentry. I am happy to disclose test results to adopters upon request and am more than willing to help understand and answer any questions regarding results.

Mice Last Tested: Late Summer of '21
Next Test for Mice: Summer '22

My goals on temperament for my mice fall in line with those of the FMBA standards. I do my best to select for mice who are calm and happy sitting in the palm of your hand while being admired. These do not always make the best pets, if you want something active and more adventurous, but they do make wonderful hand held companions to just chill with.

Temperament Goals

Color and markings vary by variety and projects per the standards I am working towards. They do have some decent weight in my selection process, for my mice, especially in marked or patterned varieties. As a show mouse breeder, things such as, shade of color, are very important factors to also select for, but it must be carefully balanced with the health and temperament of the animal, overall.

Color Goals

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