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Brindle is another one of those varieties that I wanted to work with ever since I decided I wanted to someday breed mice back in 2015. I didn't anticipate how difficult it could be to breed them and work around their obesity issues. I was not used to having to breed mice at 6wo like you'd have to do for the brindles before they'd be too big to breed within a matter of a couple months! With all the other projects I had going, I decided to let go of the brindle project.

But the brindle project didn't let go of me... Even after all brindle left my facility, a doe of mine was pregnant from a Snow Tiger buck I produced, and went on to produce more brindle. I was plagued again. Not only by these cute stripey things, but this little gray striped potato baby, sitting so calmly in my hand, won my heart over. With the temperament issues I was dealing with in my Texel and Variegated lines, it was nice to hold something that was completely content just sitting in your hand and getting along with other cagemates, even if they were brand new.

Now, I am plagued yet again by these brindle rex things. I was always told never to mix brindle and rex together due to the obesity issues making it hard to watch the coat density in a rex coat. However, the temperament in these fluffy striped beans is too good to pass on, so I am happily working on a fluffy fat nugget project, now.

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