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I was always a little indifferent to Fox/Tan. I was never too fond of Tan, but I did love the look of a white bellied mouse. I think I tried working with this project more for novelty than anything, because it never did spark any particular joy in me while breeding it. I held onto the line more or less because of its origin, than what it was currently offering me. The line was founded on an amazingly large, milk, and high litter production buck who was found at a pet store North of Denver. The buck was 70g, super friendly, and produced large milky litters (largest litter in that line was 29 babies once).

I tried finding something I enjoyed out of that line, variety wise, and couldn't settle on anything after shuffling through many varieties: Chinchilla, Silver Agouti, Sepia, Burmese, and even Stone. I finally decided to end the line and focus on other varieties that I enjoyed breeding more.

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