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NL X-Brindle



Another type of brindle you say? Why of course! I love all kinds of brindle and this variety is no exception! What is special about this kind of brindle is it's only available on the X-Chromosome. And in order for the host to be healthy, it needs to have an intact X-Chromosome that is not mutated with the MOBR gene. MOBR (X-Brindle) causes copper deficiency in mice with no extra copy of a healthy X-Chromosome. This means, male X-Brindles die by the time they wean, and any homozygous X-Brindle simply cannot exist either.

This can be a very fragile variety to work with being you have roughly a 25% chance per pup for it not only being X-Brindle, but also a X-Brindle Female pup, and the Mouse Gods do not like giving us breeders breaks. I got 2 X-Brindle does from NL Import lines (See the NL Self Blacks for more information on this), however, one doe came to me with a lump on her throat and likely will not be able to further her genetics here, unfortunately. I am hoping I get very lucky with the remaining doe to help continue this line here.

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