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The Siamese variety is another one I never intended to actually get deeply involved in. They were a variety that were much prettier and pleasing to me when I saw them in person rather than through photos. The depth of pigmentation through their coat, all the way down the points, is something truly unique for the mouse color genome. 

I sought to produce Extreme Black Siamese, but my Ex Black line didn't do well enough to remain viable for the project. After some time, my Siamese also began doing poorly and getting sick a lot. Just as I had finally started to produce some nice, dark pigmented Siamese, I decided to let the projects go so I could focus a little more on other things in life than just my mice. 

Between work and home responsibilities, I simply had too many projects. And being that my Siamese were primarily a show line variety, I decided to part ways partially due to the fact that I wasn't participating in shows at the moment, and didn't plan to for a little while. I hope to get to work with them again someday when I have a little more free time back in my life again.

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