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My texel are my pride and joy. Back in 2015 when I decided I wanted to someday breed mice, I knew I wanted to work with Texel. I finally got my first trio in 2019 and sought to prove the ability to make their curls last past 4 months of age. After 2 years of hard work and perserverence, I had a 2+ year old Texel doe who had the best curls still in my entire Mousery.

In my pursuit, some where along the way, I forgot to watch out for temperament. My once sweet, loving Texel, were now fighting each other at every turn. 

Girls vs Boys. Boys vs Girls. Girls vs Girls... 

I realized I made a dire mistake and I sought to outcross the line immediately. I brought in a buck from a Texas breeder, as well as The Spangled Mouse located in California. I also held onto a couple rex outcrosses to my show line and from my Brindle/Variegateds - sourced from a texel line that dates back to another west coast breeder, Ashe Orsak's Lines & Projects.

I am working hard to rectify this mistake, despite the fact it means virtually starting over. I only have 1 mouse left from my original "good curls" line and she's older and not doing well breeding anymore. Knowing the possibilities in coat modifiers, however, I am excited to start anew and rebuild this line with even better temperaments than before.

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