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Tri Color



I had always dreamed of working with Tri-Color, alongside my Texel. I somehow always end up attracted to the harder to breed varieties. Tri-Color certainly was one of those, needing 3 genetic components brought together on one mouse to make happen. Once you did this, however, it was super easy to breed more. The problem then came from trying to get the marking placement to look good, while also maintaining good temperament. 

It was nearly impossible since the Mouse Gods enjoyed spending their day producing gorgeous Tri-Color for me, only for them to also be attached with the worst temperaments possible. It was almost like these mice knew they were too pretty and could get away with some of that sassy attitude they had.

Towards the end of 2021 I decided to let go of the traditional Tri-Color and pursued my own version of Tri-Color, using variegated instead of piebald. I had some of the same temperament issues to battle with, but not nearly as bad as the traditional Tri. I have now combined the Variegated Tri-Color I currently have, into my Texel line for a little more variety and fun.

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