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Projects At Kaizen

These are projects that are being worked on here at KaiZen. Many are still a work in progress and have a ways to go till they reach their goals.

Blue Texel

The Blue Texel project is my "true love". Back in 2015, I knew I wanted to breed mice someday and I fell in love with Texel. I didn't get my first pair until Summer of 2019 and it wasn't until sometime in 2020 that I finally got my beloved Blue Texel (My favorite mouse color). I have since been working on a selection method that ensures the Texel hold their curl well into adulthood and elder ages. My main breeders for the project typically breed very true. An albino popping up here and there. The line managed to, unintentionally, sneak satin into the line, so now the project consists of deep blue, curly nuggets.

At this moment, I am working on keeping density strong in the line, and working to increase length, while also balancing even length across the entire animal. Something I personally love about the line are the little bits of fuzz on the ears and little "cow licks" across the face.


I sort of accidentally came upon Splash in my pursuit for Tri-Color. At some point I needed to outcross and wound up with these beautiful Splash mice and fell in love after learning more about what they were and how to breed them. My goal is to breed show quality Blue Siamese Splash. One of my does featured across my site, and in the slider to the left, was a Best In Show winner in an FMBA 2021 Virtual Show.

Brindle Splash are by far my absolute favorite but their obesity problems are something I cannot work around at this very moment, sadly. I loved the triple layer splashes of color, however, creating this beautiful mosaic looking creature. I have had a couple brindle splash pop up here, but not much ever came of them, sadly, and in pursuit of perfecting this line more in type and standard, I didn't select the brindle splash babies in the long run and lost the gene in the line. Still, I am very happy with where this project is going thus far.

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