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ZEN Amori

Black Self Doe



Current Total Litters: 0

Complications UTD:


Litter Size: Varieties:


Proven Genes & Recessives:

Other Notes:

  • Mammary tumors around 6mo have popped up seldomly in the line for females. Selection towards rats that do not present such tumors will be heavily followed.

  • Preeclampsia needs to be watched out for around labor for females in this line. Does need to be bred around 4mo to help avoid this. Attempts to prolong this issue beyond 4mo will be pursued.

  • Hormonal Aggression has been present in the line. To avoid this as best as possible, males will be avoided being bred until as late as possible (preferably up to 8mo before first breeding). Preeclampsia issues will make this difficult to follow 100%. In such scenarios, best attempts at selection and preparation to end or curb lines of possible HA are in action.

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